Not All Food Labels Are Created Equal

Navigating the grocery store aisles and deciphering restaurant menus are tricky for those who live gluten free. The ‘No-No’ food list is long, and not all food labels are the same, so it’s important to read every inch of the package every time it’s purchased. Some manufacturers include a “contains” line just below the ingredients list, but some do not. When in doubt, call the 800 number on the package and ask, specifically, if it contains wheat, barley or rye.

Be aware of disclaimers! In the fine print, usually along the bottom of the package, look for “packaged,” “processed,” or “produced” on shared equipment with wheat products.

In restaurants, be wary of any gluten free items – bread, crusts, pasta – because the risk for cross-contamination is high.

After all, the devil’s in the details…